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Think I’ve come to that place in life where I think I’ve said everything I was ever going to say. The rest is just repetition.
So in honour of meaningless repetition henceforth, let me quote one of my fav childhood cartoons…
Taz Dad

Black Country Boating Festival 2015

Went over the the Black Country Boating Festival at the weekend. As always i had my trusty handheld device and did some filming. Met some lovely people there. Decent weather and lovely day out with the family. Shoutout to Tidy Andy & his lovely wife who put me onto the event! Check out his blog here

Find out more about the bcbf here

Birmingham Beekeepers

Popped down to the Martineau Gardens over the weekend to see the Beekeepers of Birmingham’s Honey Show.
I met John Gale, the Honey Show Manager who was kind enough to explain to me the goings on. Thanks for the shot of mead ;0)

Find out more about beekeeping in Birmingham 

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Sk8rs gon Sk8


It’s very interesting to me, how much energy we expend pursuing various activities. One really costly pursuit is hate. It  consumes time and energy. Hating produces hormones that affect our physiology in negative ways. Better to just get on with fixing the problem, whether it is ourselves or otherwise, failing that just walking away methinks. just some idle musings.

To Thine Own Self Be True

pee man

Gotta love ol’ Billy Shakes! Not the anthem for fobbing everybody off,  but to me more the idea that you should try not lie to yourself about who /what you are. Just being honest enough to own up to yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. Recently I have been thinking a lot about two words.
a) accepting b) embracing.

There are things in my life I have to just accept. I have to accept that since an accident in the Philipines I hate flying,  but then I have to move on from that and embrace the challenge of making sure it doesn’t imprison me.

I have to accept having made some dumb choices as a yung un but embrace the opportunity to do better etc.  Just some idle musings.

Kings Norton Canal Festival 2015

Went to a local brum treat of a festival. The Kings Norton Festival. There was music and there were vendors but I was particularly drawn to the canal where a different easy Sunday morning vibe was in full swing. Got to chatting to the traders on the canal. Quite the alternative lifestyle requiring the paradox that is being very organised and industrious as well as being easy going. A life of travel and constant change!

The lovely Helen of Wildside Preserves gave us a jar of her award winning Strawberry & Raspberry jam  with Raspbery Gin, yum! It was cool having a bit of banter with these awesome tradespeople who float about from town to town selling their wares. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!!


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_28
nashe & the Sherlocks
Today was a lot of fun, we went to Walsall’s Annual Music Festival, Bands on the Beacon.
Tired from camping Shennanigans, and with a poor weather outlook it looked like we might just stay indoors. Somehow we managed to get our togs on and venture forth! We were pleasantly surprised by the Sun popping out and arriving a festival in full swing! Oh and did I mention Nashe got to hang out with the Sherlocks who gave him his first set of Drumsticks!! Legends. check out their music here