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30 Days Wild Day 4: On my jack jones

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IMG_7175Today was a quick one. Was away from my little family with  work in the Edgbaston region and had to cheekily grab a few moments for todays post as I am determined to be consistent! (Tangent alert!)
Did you know that according to UK stats boys perform better in exam situations than they do at coursework. Girls vice versa.
I say that to say if I become sporadic in the posting of content at any point, its really not my fault, I’m just a boy… 


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So my little family have signed up to the Wildlife Trust’s challenge! The idea is to do something nature-oriented every day in June.
Admittedly I am quite the city boy, but I am really psyched! I love being out in nature & spending some quality time with Sarah, Nashe and Zori is always ace.

Growing up I remember looking wistfully out the window. (always during math class) Wishing badly to get out on the rugby pitch to play. Years later, living in London, it was crushing to see not a blade of grass in sight at our local primary school. A small concrete playground to rough and tumble in made me cringe. So I’m always game when it comes to getting more nature in our lives!

I plan to video as much of our  experience as I can. here’s something I put together on my iPhone in preparation. enjoy!

If you want to be a part of it check out

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