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30 Days Wild : Day 16 Reading in the Wild

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_16
oday was a challenge, hayfever was overpowering itchy eyes, sniffles, sneezing, lethargy, ear irritations and more. Aaaaargh!! Still managed to get down to our local canal for a short spell. We hopped over a stile and sat down to read awhile when a farmer and his wife set upon us! They thought we were teenagers gathering to enjoy some weed. We used the opportunity to preach about the Challenge. One is still feeling pretty ill, so will sign of now.

30 Days Wild Day 15: Leaf Rubbing

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_15
I must admit today was a bit of a random one. Having been away working the whole day I was beat. Was feeling a bit random today, can you tell? Nashe came up with his own game where he lined a gang of leaves together  and then went on to race them!! he called it leaf racing, what an imaginative little mind.

30 Days Wild Day 9: In the BOG!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_09 moseley fam Today we visited one of our local Nature Reserves. Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood. It is said to have inspired Tolkein in his imagining of the battles in the Lord of the Rings!! It was so lush and green and all the while just a stones throw away! who knew. We simply traipsed about and enjoyed the wildness of it all and then we made some leaf crowns!


30DAYSWILD_ID1 black

So my little family have signed up to the Wildlife Trust’s challenge! The idea is to do something nature-oriented every day in June.
Admittedly I am quite the city boy, but I am really psyched! I love being out in nature & spending some quality time with Sarah, Nashe and Zori is always ace.

Growing up I remember looking wistfully out the window. (always during math class) Wishing badly to get out on the rugby pitch to play. Years later, living in London, it was crushing to see not a blade of grass in sight at our local primary school. A small concrete playground to rough and tumble in made me cringe. So I’m always game when it comes to getting more nature in our lives!

I plan to video as much of our  experience as I can. here’s something I put together on my iPhone in preparation. enjoy!

If you want to be a part of it check out